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One of our core value is our passion " be the best, to be different and to stand out from the rest."

Bishop Property Management practice exclusively in Property Portfolio Management and Property Management. We manage property portfolios ranging from small residential properties through to large commercial portfolios throughout the UK. Our experienced staff and knowledge makes us a professional property management company. Our property management service provides landlords with the comfort of dealing with experienced personnel who can advise and look after your properties.


Through years of experience has many satisfied customers and business associates. We, Bishop Property Management Ltd has highly experienced management and staff who are well qualified and experienced in the housing sector and always deliver to their best. Our strength is experienced and qualified group of Maintenance Engineers and Property Inspectors to maintain all issues with repairs and social aspects.


Fully acquainted with existing, new and changing legislation our fully experienced staff deal with accounting, repairs and improvements. Our team includes Certified plumbers, Certified electricians, Maintenance engineers, Cleaning Staff, Carpenters, Painters and decorators Property inspectors, Landlord & Tenants Support Officers and a Chartered Surveyor to supervise any major repairs/improvements or insurance claims.


  • " The Bishop Property Management Company has been managing my portfolio of properties from a long time and I can highly recommend their services ."

  • " I currently use the services of Bishop Property Management Company for my properties; they are extremely hard working and providing excellent services to me ."

  • " I thank you to Bishop Property Management Company for offering such an excellent service, please keep up the good work, it’s always a pleasure to deal with your office ."


We assure you as Landlords that when you instruct us and hand over your keys you will have the full knowledge that you will be kept ahead of changes in legislation, that your property will be proactively managed and that problems are dealt with promptly and cost effectively.

The first step to a successful tenancy is to find a property. We will accompany you to view unoccupied properties where appropriate. Be expected by the Landlord to take up appropriate references and check on payment history if you have rented a property previously.

list of services

We strive to offer peace of mind to our clients

We act for many resident and non resident Landlords and offer the full management service if required, thus ensuring that the day to day supervision of the property is undertaken.

  • Free evaluation of your property.

  • Full referencing of tenants.

  • Rent guarantee cover included.

  • Regular management visits.

  • The reconciliation of deposits.

  • Insurance and claims administration.


We are currently looking for 2 or more bedroom properties for long term lease of 3 Years in areas coming under London Borough of Ealing under Private Sector Leasing (PSL).

Following are the areas covered under London Borough of Ealing and approximate rent offered for 2 Bedroom Properties (please note that the rents will be finally offered upon viewing the property by our property inspector.

  • Hanwell

  • Southall

  • Hounslow

  • Harrow

  • Ealing, West Ealing & Acton

  • Northolt, Greenford & Perivale

  • Slough

During the period of lease, Bishop Property Management will carry out all the necessary repairs required in the property as specified in the lease.

*List of documents required for leasing a property

  • Countrywide Surveyor Report

  • Gas Safety Certificate

  • Electric Safety Certificate

  • Building Insurance

  • Proof of Ownership i.e. Land Registery or Completion Statement

  • British Gas 3 Star Gas Safety Cover

  • 3 Set of Keys

Landlords interested in leasing their property. Please click here to:


Should a tenant have any problems or queries they are able to contact the company directly. They can use whichever method they find most convenient including telephone, fax and email. Alternatively they can use this Report a Complaint section of this website. Having made these complaints Bishop Property Management Ltd. will book an appointment and strive to rectify the problems as soon as possible.

These complaints can be regarding problems with the property or with social issues where our team will take the any details required and pass them onto the relevant authorities.

As tenants you are obliged to act in a responsible manner, not causing a nuisance or disturbance to the neighbours. You will also be required to pay bills and service charges and also to adhere to the conditions of the tenancy agreement.

Our aim is, to keep you the tenant, in your tenancy. Whether you are renting a residential property or a garage the following information will be of benefit to you. As we are here to satisfy all your tenancy needs.

As a tenant you will receive a ‘Welcome’ Pack which includes your:

  • Welcome Letter

  • New Tenant Details form

  • Signed tenancy agreement will usually be sent to you in your Welcome Pack.

  • Bus Routes

  • Information Regarding Area


for landlords

What is a PSL?

A PSL (Private Sector Lease) is a legal agreement between the property owner and council. It allows the property to be sub-let..

Who will pay the rent and how will it be paid to the landlords?

Bishop Property Management Ltd. Will pay the rent to the landlord and it can be paid by any method that the landlord prefers however we prefer to payment using BACS transfer.

Who will manage the property during the lease term?

Any damage caused by tenants will be repaired by Bishop Property Management Ltd.; however general wear and tear will be the responsibility of the landlords.

What happens if there is a problem with the property?

When a complaint is received from a tenant, landlord or council we will book an appointment and aim to rectify the problem as soon.

What happens if the landlord does not get paid for 28 days?

Landlords are guaranteed the rent by Ealing Council, should the rent not be received the landlord should contact the Ealing Council using the number in the lease agreement, the council will then pay the rent and Bishop Property Management Ltd. will lose the lease and another agency will take the lease over.

Is the lease renewable?

Yes, subject to renewed surveys and certificates from the council, electric, gas and insurance companies.

What is a countrywide surveyor report?

A document required by Ealing Council, issued by an independent organisation stating the general condition of all accessible areas of the property including all floors, balconies and garden areas etc.

What is Corgi certified gas safety certificate?

All gas installations and appliances must be inspected by Corgi registered engineer, all faults must be repaired and inspected every 12 months. It is a legal requirement of Bishop Property Management Ltd to provide this certificate to each tenant.

What is NIC / EIC electric safety certificate?

This certificate ensures that the current levels and wiring are all correct within the property and that all are working safely. This certificate must be valid for the duration of the lease term.

What is building insurance?

Bishop Property Management Ltd need a copy of the building insurance which should cover any structural damage.

What is British Gas 3 star safety cover?

We require this cover for the heating and hot water for the full term of the lease, insurance company cover is not accepted.

for tenants

How can I report a complaint?

You should contact us directly, you may use any method of communication which is convenient.

Can I send my complaint online?

Yes through email or through the contact us section of our website.

What service does Bishop Property Management Ltd offer me?

We will repair any damages to the property and also provide advice and support to tenants with any social issues including harassment, domestic violence etc.

What are my responsibilities?

You should act in a responsible manner, not causing a nuisance or disturbance to neighbours, you will also be required to pay bills and service charges and adhere to the details of the tenancy agreement.

I am going through domestic violence, harassment or noise pollution what is going to happen?

We have staff trained by the council who will take the details of any violence and pass them onto the necessary authorities.

Bishop Property Management Ltd. tenants are causing us trouble, what can we do?

You should contact us and we have procedures in place, set by the council to resolve the issue.

We are a company and want to be associated with Bishop Property Management Ltd. What are the options?

We will provide assistance in finding properties and all the necessary certificates which we can provide.


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If you have any question, comment or concern, or if you like to contact Bishop Property Management Ltd. for any information on properties. Our contact form is the best way to get in touch with someone at our office. Alternatively you can call us just send an email.

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